XiaomiDevices – Chinese vendor Xiaomi has succeeded in making its smartphones sell well in various countries.

One of the best selling reasons Xiaomi smartphones in various countries because the price is cheap, but has good hardware specifications. Even so, many users don’t know how to hard reset a Xiaomi smartphone if an error occurs.

Cleaning your smartphone and returning it to factory settings can be the last step to try before going to a service center or buying a new one. The steps are easy enough that anyone should be able to do it.

For that, for gadgets who are curious about how to hard reset a Xiaomi smartphone, you can see the tutorial as follows.

How to Hard Reset Xiaomi HP on All Models

  1. In making it easier for gadgeters to enter Google Play Store accounts later, please remove all SIM cards
  2. Next, backup important data to the computer because the data will be lost when hard reset
  3. After the data has been successfully backed up, make sure the battery condition is above 50% or better at 110%
  4. Then turn off the Xiaomi smartphone and immediately press the button with the combination Volume Up and Power simultaneously by holding it for a few seconds
  5. Later on the screen will appear Factory Reset and language choice
  6. The gadgetr can navigate the language selection with the button Volume Up or Down and confirm the language selection with the button Power
  7. Gadgets can choose English because the menu is easier to understand in this language
  8. Next, Gadgeters go to Main Menu and select Wipe & Reset (of the 4 menus served)
  9. Then, a lag 4 menu will appear and it will be selected Wipe All Data
  10. Gadgeters can wait for the process Wipe All Data until finished
  11. Furthermore, Gadgeters can choose Reboot to System
  12. Gadgeters can wait for the process again for a few minutes
  13. Finally, the Xiaomi smartphone will reboot and look like new again

This method is usually useful when the smartphone experiences a bootloop due to an error in the system such as the main data for running Android being accidentally deleted. Of course, after using this method, all the data on your smartphone will be lost, so remove the microSD first to make it more secure.