The MIUI ROM that is present on Xiaomi is also one of its attractions because it offers an attractive interface and unusual modification features. Even though you can type comfortably, the vibrations and sounds on the Xiaomi cellphone keyboard are sometimes annoying.

Plus vibration can drain the battery faster because there is additional power needed to activate this feature. So it would be nice if the vibrate mode is turned off if you don’t really need it.

For that, for gadgeters who are curious or confused to see this vibration and sound, you can see the tutorial as follows.

How to get rid of vibration on Xiaomi keyboard

  1. First, Gadgeters can turn on a Xiaomi smartphone or cellphone first
  2. Next, the Gadgeter can open a menu or application Settings (Settings)
  3. On the Settings page, Gadgeters can select the menu Additional Settings (After Addition)
  4. On page Additional Settings (After Addition), Gadgeters can choose Language & Input (Language & Input)
  5. In page Language & Input (Language & Input), Gadgeters can immediately have Google Keyboard (usually by default) or keyboard
  6. Then, the Gadgeter can choose the menu Preferences
  7. On page Preferences, Gadgeters just do not disable Vibrate on keypress to remove the vibration on the keyboard and Sound on keypress (Sounds when key is pressed) to mute the sound on the keyboard
  8. Finally, Gadgeters just exit the menu and try it on applications that require a keyboard to write. If the vibration and sound are not felt then this step has been successful

In addition, if the Gadgeter has used a keyboard other than the Google Keyboard on a Xiaomi cellphone, for example Fleksy or Swiftkey, then they can directly choose one of them and go directly to the preferences menu because usually every keyboard menu is almost the same.

Meanwhile, this tutorial can also be applied to other Android smartphones not only for Xiaomi because it should still have settings that are not much different from one another.

Well, hopefully the above method can help gadgets to overcome annoying problems when vibrations and sounds appear on the keyboard.