On mobile made in Xiaomi Today, Lock Screen or screen lock pages get an automatic wallpaper replacement feature called Glance.

Glance itself allows the wallpaper that appears on the Lock Screen to change to make it more dynamic. Apart from presenting attractive images, this feature also displays several wallpapers with information or news that will be redirected to the main page of the Glance application.

Unfortunately, in this Glance there are several advertisements that sometimes annoy its users. In fact, some people often complain about advertisements that appear and eventually want to turn off the feature.

Now for those of you who want to get rid of Glance on Xiaomi cellphones, you can see the tutorial as follows.

How to get rid of glance on Xiaomi cellphones

  1. Unlock the screen and go to the homescreen
  2. Open a menu or application Settings
  3. Enter the menu Lock screen and choose Carousel Wallpaper
  4. Then disable this feature by sliding the button Turn On
  5. Glance will automatically disappear from the Lock Screen

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You could say removing Glance on Xiaomi cellphones is very easy, where you only need to turn it off in just a few steps. Meanwhile, if you want to reactivate it, just follow these steps again and change it to the Turn On button.

Actually, the Glance feature will automatically activate since you first turn on the Xiaomi cellphone that has been purchased. But the most annoying thing about this feature is of course the presence of ads that appear randomly.

Even so, you can set wallpaper categories that will appear in Glance starting from Entertainment, Beauty, Sports, Nature, Business, World, Games, Travel, Health, Culinary, Science and Technology, Editor’s Choice, to Automatic.

Usually after several times the wallpaper appears on the Lock Screen, Glance will display useful news information. But even annoying advertisements will usually appear after the wallpaper rotation.

You can also pin photos from the gallery to appear in the Glance feature on the Lock Screen. However, the appearance of the wallpaper can be set to be the second, third, or fourth image after Glance wallpaper appears.

Of course, Glance’s strength lies in its ability to present a variety of wallpapers that are not available in the gallery. But if the ads that appear are annoying, then there’s nothing wrong if you turn off this feature.