XiaomiDevices – Call Forward is one of the common features present in various mobile phone brands, including Xiaomi.

You could say Call Forwarding allows phone calls to be diverted to another or backup number when the number being dialed is busy.

This of course makes you aware of an incoming call on a number on another cellphone when the main number is being used for telephone conversations.

Unfortunately, the Call Forwarding feature is now prone to be used for criminal acts, one of which is OTP code theft. Just in case you don’t want it, you should be able to eliminate Call Forwarding on Xiaomi phones or other brands.

For those of you who don’t know how to remove Call Forwarding on Xiaomi phones, then you can follow the guide as follows.

How to Eliminate Call Forwarding on Xiaomi Phones

A. From the Settings Menu

  1. Open menu Settings or Settings on xiaomi phones
  2. Select menu Apps (Application)
  3. Next, select menu App system settings
  4. Search and select Call Settings
  5. Then, select Call Waiting
  6. Next select menu Always Forward and change to Turn off

After this feature is turned off, automatically calls will only be directed to the main number. In other words, the caller making the call has to wait for the main number not in use in order to connect.

B. Via Call Code

  1. Open the app Phone or Phone
  2. Next, type #21#
  3. Press the button call the icon Phone
  4. If successful, a notification dialog box will appear saying service call forwarding has been disabled

C. Via Customer Service Operator

You can make phone calls to any of the following numbers according to the operator card you use.

  • XL : 817
  • 3 : 123
  • Smartphone : 888
  • Indosat : 185
  • Telkomsel : 188

Later, if you contact Customer Service using the number above, the pulse rate will be charged according to the policies of each operator.

Those are some ways to get rid of Call Forwarding on Xiaomi phones. But if you have another way, then you can write it in the comments column below.