XiaomiDevices – Now Xiaomi is one of the most popular mobile phone brands in various countries. This can happen thanks to products that have attractive hardware specifications, but still have affordable prices.

Moreover, Xiaomi has presented the Redmi series of cellphones that really have affordable prices in order to attract the interest of various groups. Although many people own Xiaomi mobile phones, there are some features that irritate some users.

One of the features of Xiaomi mobile phones that sometimes makes users uncomfortable is the Application Recommendation (Promote Apps). Instead of Xiaomi wanting to provide application recommendations, some users feel uncomfortable with the presence of this feature because not all are comfortable with the recommended applications.

For those of you Xiaomi mobile users who want to eliminate application recommendations, then you can see the tutorial as follows.

How to Remove App Recommendations on Xiaomi

  1. First, unlock the screen and go to the homescreen page
  2. search group folder which already contains many (free) applications.
  3. For example, I choose group folder Shopping which contains shopping apps
  4. Then press the folder title at the top
  5. Next, a title editing menu will appear accompanied by a menu Promoted apps or App recommendations
  6. You can press the . button toggle next to the menu Promoted apps from active to inactive position
  7. After the button is pressed, the application recommendations will disappear when you go back to the application group folder

Xiaomi Recommended Apps

You could say this one method is very easy to do even for Xiaomi mobile cloud users. Indeed, sometimes the applications recommended by the system do not match your wishes, so disabling the promotional features is the best way.

But if you ever change your mind and want to get a recommendation from the Xiaomi cellphone system, then you can follow the method above again and immediately press the toggle button Promoted apps to the active position.

Actually, the recommended application feature has been around since MIUI 8 based on Android 6. Not a few features or applications that are presented on MIUI are not desired by many users, such as advertisements or bloatware applications.

If this annoys you, luckily you can still manage ads and bloatware applications to disappear from your Xiaomi phone.