XiaomiDevices – Usually if you want to delete bloatware applications (default) on Xiaomi phones that are not too important, you will access Safe Mode or Safe Mode.

Safe Mode or Safe Mode is a diagnostic mode that is present on an operating system on a computer or mobile phone that can be used to repair a system when it cannot be resolved when under normal circumstances.

Safe Mode is also available in MIUI on Xiaomi phones so that you can fix various errors that occur. But sometimes you may accidentally activate Safe Mode and are confused about how to return it again because there will be some functions that cannot be used.

Actually, to get out of Safe Mode on Xiaomi phones is very easy to do as can be seen in the tutorial as follows.

How to Exit Xiaomi Safe Mode

  1. Make sure Safe Mode is on
  2. Press button Power until the menu appears Restart or Power Off
  3. Press the button Restart so that the cellphone turns off and restarts automatically
  4. After the screen turns back on, the Xiaomi cellphone immediately returns to normal mode

You could say to return to Normal Mode is indeed easy to do because it actually only needs to reload the system and make it go into normal mode again.

But if you actually want to enter Safe Mode or Safe Mode, then the method is a little different because this feature is a little hidden.

How to Enter Xiaomi Safe Mode

  1. Make sure the Xiaomi cellphone is turned off
  2. Press the button Power a few seconds for the phone to turn on
  3. When the Mi logo appears, then press the button Volume Down a few seconds
  4. If successful, then you will immediately enter Safe Mode after unlocking the screen
  5. Safe Mode will be indicated by the presence of writing Safe Mode in the bottom left

After entering Safe Mode, you can immediately delete bloatware applications on Xiaomi phones that are disturbing. Apart from that, Safe Mode can also allow you to fix issues that you can’t face under normal conditions due to some services being disabled.

But in certain cases, the user accidentally presses the Volume Down button when turning on the Xiaomi cellphone so that it enters Safe Mode. By already knowing this method, you don’t need to panic because it is very easy to restore it. The same is true if you accidentally change your browser.