There may be various reasons that you want to reset your Xiaomi Smartphone. If you are selling your smartphone to anyone, then it’s a must step to delete all data of your smartphone or you are facing issues while using the smartphone or any other. Deleting all the files or data one by one, will be a very tedious task. So, let’s learn, how to Reset your Xiaomi Smartphone (any model).

Factory Reset is the best option to wipe out your smartphone completely. But remember, you must have a backup of your data before doing the factory reset. So, first, we gonna talk about the tutorial on how to do the backup on Xiaomi smartphones. It is very important to save the existing data such as photos, contact, videos, files, documents, etc. Otherwise, one it gets deleted, you could not retrieve them. So. let’s start the guide.

How To Reset Xiaomi Smartphone (All Models)

Even though Xiaomi Smartphones have higher specifications than competitors, this device sometimes hangs, stops at one screen, and errors when a load of applications or games is heavy. That time you want to remove everything from your smartphone completely. Just follow the important steps explained below.

How to Backup on a Xiaomi cellphone

  1. Open the settings of the Xiaomi device.
  2. Select the additional settings option.
  3. Now choose backup & reset from here.
  4. Go with local backup.
  5. Press the backup button.
  6. Now select the files you want to backup.
  7. When finished selecting files to backup, tap ok, then tap on the backup button.
  8. Now the backup process will start After the backup process gets completed. You can find this backup file in a folder located in an MIUI folder. You can transfer it to other external storage.                                                                                 

How to Factory Reset on a Xiaomi Smartphone (All Models)

Factory Reset will erase all data on the smartphone, so make sure you have backed up important data to restore for later. If all data has been secure, then you can immediately do a factory reset. After the factory reset, your cellphone clean like a new phone.

There are two ways of factory reset—the first one through the setting of a smartphone and another by using secret codes. You can reset your phone by following these methods.

Way 1. Factory reset by settings of Xiaomi smartphone

  1. First, You can open a menu or application Settings.
  2. On the Page Settings, select an Additional menu Settings.
  3. Inside Additional page Settings, select a menu Backup & Reset
  4. You can directly select the menu Factory Data Reset.
  5. Later you will be shown what data is gonna deleted. 
  6. It’s good to activate ‘Erase Stored Content’ so that the smartphone is get clean again.
  7. Suppose ‘Erase Stored Content’ is active. You can also delete music, photos, videos, and other important data on the Xiaomi smartphone.
  8. If all settings have been selected, you can immediately press the button Reset Phone.
  9. After a warning appears, press the Yes button, and the Reset process will run until it’s finished.

Later your smartphone will get automatically restart, and the reset process begins. If your smartphone has entered the home screen menu for user settings, the reset process is complete, and you can use your Xiaomi smartphone as it was before.

Way 2- Reset your Xiaomi Smartphone Using Secret Codes

  1. First, open ‘Phone application’ on your Xiaomi Smartphone.
  2. Then type in the secret code * # * # 7780 # * # * and immediately press the button with the Phone logo.
  3. The Xiaomi smartphone gets restart and the Reset process will get started.
  4. When the Reset process gets completed, the display will automatically return to the settings page, like when first purchased a cellphone.

At first glance, this secret code will automatically reset your Xiaomi smartphone partition data, to delete all connected applications and Google accounts.

Final Conclusion

Above we have explained two methods for resetting your Xiaomi Smartphone. Both methods are very simple and anyone can do this by following the above steps. By this, you can clean your smartphone as it was before when you purchase your smartphone. Try it. Thanks.