XiaomiDevices – Recovery mode is a very useful system mode for some Android users. This mode offers a lot of equipment, one of which can be used to perform recovery.

In addition, this mode by default has actually been embedded in almost all android phones. Users only need to enter this mode to perform system repairs, system updates, and so on.

On phones made by Xiaomi, this also applies. You can solve some of the problems experienced by your device through this mode.

For those who are curious, you can listen to the following steps to enter recovery mode on Xiaomi-made phones.

How to Enter Xiaomi Recovery Mode

  1. First, turn off the Xiaomi phone you are using.
  2. Make sure it’s really turned off, then turn on the phone at the same time by pressing the button volume up (knob power + volume up).
  3. Wait until the phone turns on and until it enters the MI logo.
  4. If a language option appears, select English.

Well, with some of the steps above, you can now enter the Recovery menu of any type of Xiaomi phone to do several things, such as delete data, reset the phone, and some things that we might not recommend if you are new.

But of course, there are some things you need to pay attention to to enter the Recovery menu. First, there are some phones that require a different combination to enter recovery, for example with a key combination power + button volume down. Second, not all Xiaomi supports recovery mode by default, because entering recovery mode is actually not recommended for just anyone.

Next, you have to be careful after entering recovery mode because if you take the wrong step it can cause damage to the cellphone.

Meanwhile, apart from using the default recovery mode, you can also install a custom recovery mode. On Xiaomi phones usually use TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project).

The advantage is, custom recovery modes usually offer more sophisticated tools and more when compared to the default recovery mode.

Unfortunately, we have to unlock the bootloader in order to install TWRP on the Xiaomi phone, which will definitely eliminate warranty claims and make the device more vulnerable to attack. So, make sure you understand the risks.