XiaomiDevices – Google Play Store will indeed be the first place to visit when you need an Android application. Even so, you may not find everything you are looking for.

This is because there are a number of developers who prefer to distribute applications independently or maybe the application is no longer updated on the Play Store.

Some of them even choose to deliver in the form of an APK (Android Package) or a new replacement format called AAB so you need to install it manually.

Fortunately, installing the raw application is quite easy to do, although it is very different from downloading it from the Play Store service. You just need to make sure the file is from a trusted source and enable the option of installing apps from unknown sources.

The problem is, the system interface used by each cellphone has different settings to do this, so you certainly need to study it specifically when you need to install applications manually.

If you are a Xiaomi smartphone user who often has affordable prices, the MIUI settings to enable the option of installing apps from unknown sources can be found in the Privacy or Privacy Protection option.

How To Enable Unknown Sources Option For Xiaomi Phones

On MIUI 12

  1. Go to page Settings
  2. Go to section Privacy protection
  3. Tap Special permissions
  4. Click menu Install unknown apps
  5. Select the app to be granted installation permission
  6. Activate Allow from this source
  7. Tap the button OK if needed

Enabling the option of installing applications from unknown sources not only needs to be adjusted to the system interface used, but also the version. This also applies to mobile phones based on MIUI.

Some of the steps above, for example, you will only find on mobile phones with MIUI 12. As for the MIUI 11 system interface, you can activate the option of installing applications from unknown sources with a slightly different method.

On MIUI 11

  1. Enter the page Settings
  2. Open section Passwords & security
  3. Find and tap menu Privacy
  4. Click option Special app access
  5. Tap Install unknown apps
  6. Specify the application to set
  7. Activate option Install unknown apps

The permission settings for installing apps from unknown sources also have a different placement for the system interface made by older Xiaomi. If you haven’t set the settings for the previous two methods, then you can try the following.

On Legacy MIUI

  1. Visit page Settings
  2. Scroll down then open the menu Additional settings
  3. Go to section Privacy
  4. Activate button Unknown source

On legacy MIUI, you don’t need to set app install permissions individually. You can activate the option Unknown source to directly install the downloaded application file.

Setting unknown sources permission on Xiaomi devices will also be useful if you want to try out the new support from MIUI. So this method is not only for installing services from third parties, but also for updating default features such as Game Turbo.