USB OTG (On-The-Go) is an interesting feature that allows other devices to read by smartphones. You can connect any external devices to your smartphones through USB OTG.

In other words, Flashdrive, USB Keyboard, External HDD, USB Mouse, and others can run on a smartphone if smartphone users have a USB to micro-USB or USB to USB Type-C converter cable.

A USB Flashdrive is a data storage and backup device and today’s Flashdrive (USB) has also provided a micro-USB or USB Type-C port for direct connectivity with OTG to a smartphone. It is simple, easy, and fast as it doesn’t need a converter cable.

Every Xiaomi smartphone has an OTG feature. One of the benefits of using the USB OTG feature is reading data from a flash drive quickly and easily without the hassle of plugging a data cable into a computer if you need important data.

It’s very easy to activate and connect the OTG feature on Xiaomi. You just need to plug the Flashdrive into your Xiaomi smartphone directly. You can use Flashdrive, which already supports the port on the smartphone, or use a converter cable.

The USB OTG functionality brings in a lot of flexibility to your smartphone using which you can easily connect your smartphone with other devices. By following these tutorials, you can Enable and Disable OTG on Xiaomi.

How to Enable OTG on Xiaomi using a converter cable

  1. First, get a converter or OTG cable or adapter in advance.
  2. Then you can plug it into a smartphone and Flashdrive
  3. When Flashdrive connected successfully, then notification [Name of Flashdrive] plus the words For Transferring Photos and Media will appear
  4. It would be best if you pressed the notification option and it will automatically go directly to the drive or folders on your Flashdrive.
  5. Now you can copy data from Flashdrive to Xiaomi cellphone.

The type of USB cable or converter cable or adapter depends on the type of port of the Xiaomi smartphone, it can be USB to micro USB or USB Type-C. If you want to remove the Flashdrive from your smartphone safely, you should press the Eject button on the Flashdrive name notification with the words for Transferring Photos and Media before.

Using Flashdrive with a special smartphone port

  1. Get a FlashDrive or USB that you can connect directly to your Xiaomi smartphone via its adapted port (MicroUSB or USB Type-C port).
  2. Now, plug the Flashdrive directly into the smartphone port.
  3. A notification will appear Flashdrive name plus the word For Transferring Photos and Media
  4. Now, Open Flashdrive data, then you can immediately tap the notification
  5. After tapping, various files and folders will appear on the smartphone
  6. Now, You can view and copy data from Flashdrive to Xiaomi smartphone or vice versa.

You could say using Flashdrive with a special smartphone port is a faster way, but keep in mind that this type of Flashdrive usually has a higher price than ordinary Flashdrive.

While the advantage of using a converter cable or adapter, you can connect a variety of ordinary Flashdrive to a smartphone. Not only that, but you can also click a USB mouse or USB keyboard to a smartphone.

How to Disable OTG on Xiaomi

  1. First, you have to open settings on Xiaomi devices
  2. Then, tap on additional settings
  3. Open OTG option
  4. Now you can disable it

Enable and Disable USB OTG  connection gives the easy way to attach the external device with your Xiaomi smartphones. It is a time-saving feature.