XiaomiDevices – When it can’t be used normally, such as the screen hangs or the application keeps stopping, restoring the device to factory settings can certainly be one solution that can be used.

The option to return to factory settings is fortunately one of the basic features that arm almost all today’s cellphones, including devices made by Xiaomi.

We in this case can access these options directly through the Settings page or the recovery menu. In more detail, here’s how to use the factory reset option on Xiaomi phones.

How to Factory Reset on Xiaomi Phones

Via Settings

  1. Go to page Settings
  2. Entered into About phone
  3. Enter menu Factory reset or Backup & reset
  4. Click Erase all data or Erase all data (factory reset)
  5. Confirm by tapping Delete all data if needed
  6. Follow the instructions that appear if they are still there

We can use the option to return to factory settings through the Settings page above if the Xiaomi cellphone can still be operated normally or at least can open the settings.

Meanwhile, if the cellphone has problems such as the screen cannot be touched or operated, then we need to take the second method by using the Mi Recovery menu.

Via Mi Recovery

  1. Turn off the Xiaomi cellphone (press the Power button for a long time or remove the battery if needed)
  2. Press and hold the button Power and Volume Up together
  3. Release the button when the Mi logo appears
  4. Use button Volume for navigation (swiping options) inside Mi Recovery
  5. Use button Power to confirm selection
  6. Select menu Wipe Data
  7. Choose an option Wipe All Data
  8. Confirm by selecting Confirm
  9. After success, select Back to Main Menu
  10. Choose an option Reboot
  11. Then select Reboot to system

Restoring the device to factory settings either through Settings or the Mi Recovery menu will erase all data, information, and settings on the Xiaomi cellphone.

Therefore, in addition to being a solution when the cellphone experiences some technical problems, the steps above can also be used to clean cellphone data when you want to sell it or give it to someone else.

That way, people who use cellphones in the future will not be able to access sensitive data such as contacts or accounts, let alone use them for personal purposes.