XiaomiDevices – In 2018, Xiaomi managed to rank fourth in the world. Of course this is a proud achievement for Xiaomi during its struggles in the last few years.

But sometimes Redmi users are often annoyed by the presence of annoying bloatware (mobile phone applications) because it eats up internal capacity and RAM when not in use.

For this reason, many Xiaomi smartphone users are curious to disable this useless application so that it doesn’t take up too much RAM capacity. Well, for users who are curious to disable the application, you can see the tutorial as follows.

How to Disable Apps on Xiaomi Phones

  1. First, Gadgeters can turn on a Xiaomi smartphone or cellphone first
  2. Next, Gadgeters can open applications or menus Settings
  3. On the Settings page, Gadgeters can select Installed Apps
  4. Next enter the page Manage Apps, Gadgets can choose which system apps to disable
  5. For example, I’m trying to disable the app Browser
  6. Next, I choose the app Browser and will move to the information page Browser
  7. At the very bottom, Gadgeters can directly choose Disable
  8. Next, the application will automatically deactivate on the Xiaomi cellphone

Disable Xiaomi Apps

For the record, applications that can be disabled on Xiaomi cellphones are usually default applications that have been there since the beginning of the purchase because usually the self-installed applications can still be uninstalled or installed according to the user’s wishes.

However, gadgets must be careful not to mistakenly disable applications on Xiaomi cellphones because some are applications for system components. If this system component application is disabled, it will usually have a fatal effect on the running of the operating system. In fact, it will often hang when it is wrongly disabled.

Meanwhile, if you want to reactivate the disabled application, you can return to the Installed Apps page in the Settings menu. Later, the Gadgeter can choose the desired application, such as a browser.

After the Browser info page opens, you can directly press the Enable button to reactivate it. You could say this one method is very easy to do even for novice Xiaomi users.

According to Gadgeter, is this one practical way to disable applications on Xiaomi cellphones? However, if you have another way to disable the application, you can write it in the comments column below.