If your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO has a microSD card slot and you use it, you have probably noticed the large number of files that have been generated in it over time.

This problem is caused by the MIUI Gallery itself, generating temporary files with the extension .minigallery They never get deleted automatically. Every time we access the gallery or edit a photograph, a new file is generated, accumulating pointlessly on the SD card.

Over time these files are stored directly on the microSD card without any order, generating a random numbering and making it difficult to navigate through the directories of the card itself.

How to delete and prevent files from being generated on the SD card of your Xiaomi

Unfortunately this problem is given with the current version of the MIUI Gallery so if we want prevent new files from being generated on the SD card of our Xiaomi we will have to update the Gallery application to the version

To do this, if this inconvenience bothers you, you can download this gallery from this link and install it later as if it were any other application. Once done, we just have to manually delete all these unnecessary files next to the Zman folder.