XiaomiDevices – If you often complain that Xiaomi memory is tight due to the large number of other file categories, then you are not alone because many users have complained about the same, especially those with limited internal memory.

You must also have questions, why are other files so large and take up storage space even though you don’t feel like installing many applications. Well, all cellphones certainly have various similar files, only on Xiaomi cellphones they are labeled as other files.

So that you can understand carefully about the other files and how to delete them, here is the information.

Explanation of Other Files

Another file on Xiaomi is a file that doesn’t fall into the general category (Videos, Pictures, Documents, etc.) used by Xiaomi because it has an unusual format.

Other files also have various file types ranging from OBB for games, junk files, to downloaded files that have not been moved or deleted. Therefore, other files may contain important or unused data.

Application files in the form of OBB are important files, but fall into other file categories because they are not files that users can simply open, such as documents or videos. So it’s different from the junk files that usually appear when the application is used frequently.

Therefore, for those of you who really want to delete the data to free up storage space, then it’s a good idea to look at what’s in it one by one instead of immediately deleting it entirely.

This is to avoid deleting application data which ultimately results in you having to download again before it can be used, for example in game applications. Well for that there are several methods that you can use, according to the type of file it is recommended to delete.

How to Delete Other Files on Xiaomi

Using Deep Clean from MIUI Security

  1. Run the app MIUI Security ywhich is installed by default
  2. Press Deep Clean from the existing menu line
  3. Wait until the search process is complete
  4. You will be shown a collection of files that take up a lot of storage
  5. Press Clean Now
  6. Select which files you want to delete
  7. Press Delete selected files to start the process

MIUI Security Deep Clean[sumber: mi.com]

As explained earlier, the files displayed will vary whether they are important or not. Therefore, make sure the files you delete are not needed by frequently used applications by looking at the file name and storage location.

Of course, for those of you who have installed many games, the download file for the game will also appear on the page. It’s the same with files that you have downloaded from the internet that go into the Downloads folder. Therefore always make sure the deleted files are not important and you have backed them up.

Delete Duplicate Files

  1. Download app FX File Explorer from Google Play Store
  2. Run the app once installed
  3. Enter menu Cleaning Tools
  4. Select menu Remove Duplicates
  5. Press file to view more information
  6. Select which files you want to delete
  7. Press the trash can colored icon
  8. Duplicate files will be deleted automatically

FX Files Remove Duplicate

Before deleting all files, you can also see which files have duplicates directly on the page to confirm if in doubt. This method is perfect for use if you often carry out data transfer activities because you might forget to delete or something else.

Uninstall Unused Apps

If you do find an application that is rarely or even not used at all, then it’s a good idea to delete the application. Besides being able to save storage space, you can also save data quota because you don’t need to update regularly.

The easiest way to find out which unused applications are consuming the most internal storage, then you can visit the menu Settings > Storage > Apps & app data. Later you can see the details of the amount of storage of each application.

Of course, not all applications, especially system applications, can be simply deleted. For that you need a more complicated method and it is not recommended for ordinary users because it can cause various obstacles.