Browsers store data, such as cache and cookies, in order to improve the user experience. Nevertheless, storing this information can take up storage space, in turn causing your Xiaomi to have less free space for applications, photographs, etc.

While it is beneficial to have this data, it is also recommended to erase this data in order to free up memory space, you have loading problems with a portal, or even if the format and design of a website is not displayed correctly. In any case, this time we will teach you how to delete data and cookies from the pre-installed browsers of your Xiaomi.

Clear Chrome data and cookies from Xiaomi

Google Chrome is one of the most used browsers on Android devices. Deleting the data and cookies that Chrome stores is not a complicated process. However, it is true that a specific order must be followed:

  1. Enter Google Chrome and click on the icon with the three vertical dots in the upper right corner
  2. Then we access Settings> Privacy and security> Clear browsing data
  3. After that, it will be enough to select which elements we want to delete from the browser and then click on “Delete data“.

Delete data and cookies from My Browser

Mi Browser is Xiaomi’s native browser, an excellent alternative whose functions have won the hearts of many users. The process to delete data and cookies from My Browser is just as simple as with Google Chrome, and it also has the same implications. If you want to continue, just follow these steps:

  1. Enter My Browser and then click on your profile icon. This is in the lower right corner.
  2. Next we will access the nut icon that is on the right side of your username at the top of the menu.
  3. We slide almost to the end of the menu to enter the option “Others”. From here we will click on “Clean data”.
  4. To delete the information in parts or delete everything, just click on “Clear all”.