At Present, there are crores of apps are available on Google Play Store. We can say for every work or task, you will get a specific App for your device. We Install the application on our Smartphones and one day, your smartphone will be loaded full of apps; so does your smartphone’s internal storage and RAM, which can slow your smartphone. Now a question arises, how can we deactivate applications on our Xiaomi Smartphones (or any other smartphone)?

In this guide, we are going to discuss specifically for Xiaomi Smartphones. If you go through the list of all installed apps, you will find that there are more than one apps for one purpose, for ex: Games, Music, Video, Shopping, web browser, etc.

If your Xiaomi Smartphone Storage is full and/or your smartphone getting slow, then its high time to deactivate useless applications from our Smartphones. Let’s check out in detail, how can we deactivate applications on Xiaomi Smartphones (or any other smartphone)?  

How to Deactivate Applications on Xiaomi Smartphones

To deactivate the applications on your Xiaomi Smartphones, you have to identify the apps that you are not using or have more than one apps of the same category. 

Xiaomi also provides some pre-installed applications on its Smartphones, ex: Browser, Music, File Manager etc. You can also disable these pre-installed apps. To Deactivate or disable applications on Xiaomi Smartphones, just follow the steps given below:-

  1. First, open your device ‘Settings’, by tapping on ‘Gear’ icon app on your device home screen or list of apps.
  2. On the Settings page, simply search for ‘Installed Apps’.
  3. From here go with the ‘Manage Apps’ option. Here, you can select which system applications you want to disable or deactivate.
  4. For instance, I am trying to disable a pre-installed application ‘Browser’. 
  5. I chose and tap on the ‘Browser’ application from the list of apps.
  6. At the very bottom, you can tap on ‘Disable’ icon directly, to disable or deactivate this application.
  7. Once done, the application will get deactivated on your Xiaomi smartphone.

Note: These types of applications on your Xiaomi smartphones are pre-installed applications, so you can only disable them. You can delete or remove these applications without rooting your device, which we do not prefer for our readers.                                                                                                                                                However, you must be careful not to disable the wrong application on the Xiaomi  Smartphone, as some of these applications are part of Xiaomi’s OS components. If any system component application is disabled, you may get issues while using the device.

How to Reactivate the Application on Xiaomi Smartphone

At any point of time, you feel that you require the deactivated app again then you can reactivate that application easily. If you want to reactivate these applications again, you can follow the steps as explained below:-

  1. Again navigate to the ‘Installed Apps’ page in the Settings menu.
  2. You can select the desired application, for example,  ‘browser’.
  3. After the Browser info page opens, you can immediately tap on the Enable button to activate it again.

Yes, this is pretty simple. You can do it in a couple of seconds. 


Here, you got a way to deactivate the pre-installed as well as the installed application from your Xiaomi Smartphone. After deactivation, you can also reactivate them at any point of time by following the steps explained above. If you want to use your Xiaomi Smartphone smoothly for a long time, then you should regularly check your device apps and use the above methods to deactivate and reactivate the Applications on your Smartphone.