In addition to being able to change the design of its interface or take spectacular photos with the long exposure mode, the camera that Xiaomi integrates into all its mobile devices also allows us to add a custom watermark in each photograph.

Although, many of you will know of the existence of this text that Xiaomi adds by default in each new photo that we take, in addition to it We can also personalize it, adding our name or the text that we want.

In addition, we can also add icons and other special characters, turning the watermark into something like our “signature” in each new photograph that we take. Of course, we can also remove watermark of the photographs.

How to customize the watermark of the photos of your Xiaomi

For customize watermark that Xiaomi adds in each photograph that we take, we only have to carry out the following steps:

  1. Go to the Camera application and then enter its settings
  2. Once inside we look for the option “Watermark“, after that we proceed to enter the option “custom watermark

From this last section we can customize the watermark, adding not only the text we want, but also any emoji. A fairly simple way to give a personal touch to our photographs, while adding our own “signature”.

Also, if we disable the option “device watermark” We will completely remove the watermark from the photographs we take with our Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO.