Xiaomi has a large number of applications. Among them we find Music or My Music, an application that allows us, quickly and easily, create ringtones from our favorite songs.

Although many of us no longer use this application due to the great success of streaming content platforms such as Spotify, the truth is The Xiaomi Music application has several very interesting features.

Among these options offered by the Music application we find the possibility of trim songs and audios, for later apply them as ringtone. A quick and easy way to create our own ringtones.

How to create ringtones for our Xiaomi from the Music app

For create custom ringtones From the Xiaomi Music application, we will first have to have our favorite song downloaded to the terminal. After that, we will only have to perform the following steps:

  1. Open the Music app and start playing the song that we want to set as ringtone.
  2. After that we will click on the lower icon that shows scissors.
  3. Then we will have to select the part of the song that we want to sound as a ringtone. We can help each other with the button “play” to hear which zone we are selecting.
  4. Finally, just click on “Set as ringtone“.

In this simple way, we will get create personalized ringtones of our favorite songs. All this without having to download third-party applications, but using Xiaomi’s own Music or Mi Music application.