You could say that since 2017, Xiaomi has officially launched its 4G-LTE smartphone Those who passed the TKDN started from Redmi 4a, Redmi 3s, Redmi 4x, Redmi Note 4, Redmi 5a, Mi A1, Redmi 5 Plus, and Redmi 5.

Of course, everything is priced at an affordable price of less than IDR 3 million, except for the Mi A1. Of all these smartphones, Xiaomi relies heavily on hardware specifications and large-capacity batteries at affordable prices.

In addition, it turns out that MIUI, which is a Xiaomi modified ROM, is also an attraction for Xiaomi smartphone users because of the attractive interface, features, and functions that are presented.

But it turns out that there is one more interesting feature that can be found on Xiaomi smartphones, namely copying contacts. You could say this one feature allows users to move or copy contacts from one Xiaomi smartphone to another.

You could say this facility allows users to export contacts from their Xiaomi smartphones and then import them to other Xiaomi smartphones. Even Xiaomi can export or import contacts from the SIM card quickly.

Therefore, you must know how to copy contacts on a Xiaomi cellphone, so you can see the tutorial as follows.

How to Copy Contacts on Xiaomi Phones

  1. First, you can enter the Settings application (settings).
  2. In the Settings page, Gadgeters can find the System Apps menu (system applications).
  3. Next, the Gadgeter can select the Contact menu (contacts)
  4. On the Contact page, Gadgeters can select the Export/Import Contact menu (Import/Export Contacts).
  5. In the Export/Import Contact page, Gadgeters will see a special menu for import and export.
  6. In this import menu you can choose to import contacts from storage, SIM card 1, and SIM card 2. While the export menu also allows you to choose exporting contacts from storage, SIM card 1, and SIM card 2.
  7. If you want to transfer contacts from your Xiaomi smartphone to a new or other smartphone, you can export it first and then import it directly on the new or other smartphone.

You could say the way to copy contacts on a Xiaomi cellphone is very easy because Xiaomi has provided the feature. However, if on other brands of Android smartphones, sometimes this function does not exist and usually relies on contacts obtained from the GMail account.