Although a large part of Xiaomi’s smart devices have a WiFi connection, many of them just add Bluetooth. This limits its use, allowing us to connect only if we are at home.

Examples of this are the kettle Xiaomi Mi Smart Electric Kettle or the temperature and humidity sensor, Xiaomi Mi Temperature and Humidity Monitor. These, having only a Bluetooth connection, we will need to be at home in order to connect to them.

To be able to connect to these smart Xiaomi devices with Bluetooth from outside the home we will have to use a switchboard or gateway or from another smart device that does have WiFi and that also adds technology Bluetooth-BLE.

How to connect from outside the home to Xiaomi devices that only have Bluetooth

In this case, Xiaomi has in our market the Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Hub, a gateway or gateway with Bluetooth, Wifi and Zigbee technology, which allows us to connect to our smart devices from outside the home.

Also, other gadgets like the lamp Xiaomi Mi Bedside Lamp It also has Bluetooth BLE technology, allowing us to pair other devices that only have Bluetooth and therefore connect from outside the home.

In the event that we have one or the other, once linked to Xiaomi Home or Mi Home, the system itself will take care of automatically pair all bluetooth devices that are associated with the same account. From Profile > BLE Input we can see which Bluetooth devices are connected.