Today we store a huge amount of information on our smartphone. Whether photos, videos or any type of document, the truth is that mobile devices have become the new “memory trunk”.

That is why storage has evolved over the years, allowing us to find smartphones not only with 128GB or 256GB, but also with 512GB and in some cases with no less than 1TB of capacity.

In addition, Xiaomi offers us in a large part of its smartphones, especially in the Redmi, the possibility of expanding its storage via microSD card. With this we are able to save even more information or even exchange various SD cards as they fill up.

How to configure your Xiaomi so that the photos are stored in the microSD

In view of this, below we are going to explain how to configure your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO so that each new photograph you take be stored directly on the microSD card. To do this, we just have to follow the following steps, having the microSD card correctly inserted:

  • Enter the Camera application and go to its settings from the top menu.
  • Once inside we will only have to activate the option “Save to SD card“.

It should be noted that this option will only appear if we have already inserted the microSD card into our mobile device and it is correctly formatted. In addition, MIUI 12 allows us to easily and quickly configure where Themes and all Gallery content will be stored:

  1. Go to Settings > About phone
  2. Once inside we will press “Storage”, later entering the “Storage settings” option.

From the previous section we will be able to configure where the photographs taken, the downloaded themes and practically all the content that is stored in the Gallery will be stored.