Many headphones that Xiaomi has allows us control the volume of the songs from a small remote control with two or three buttons located along the cable. But is it also possible to change the song?

At first you might think not. But nevertheless, the MIUI customization layer is here to prove you wrong. You just need to go into the sound settings to change the default function to that of control music playback with the buttons on the headphones, thus expanding the possibilities of these.

How to control music playback with the buttons on your headphones

If in addition to being able to raise and lower the volume from the buttons on your headphones you want to be able to control the player, either going back or forward between the different songs in your playlist, you just need to do this.

  • Access the menu of Settings
  • Scroll down and tap the “sound and vibration
  • Go to the bottom of the screen and tap on “Sound effects
  • In the section of “assign buttons”, displays the menu of “Control buttons on hearing aids
  • Select the option “Control music playback

In this way you can control the playback of the music you listen to with the buttons on your headphones, no need to enter the mobile screen.