Voice assistants have taken a great leap in recent years. Beyond performing basic tasks, now it allows us to perform all kinds of actions, facilitating our day to day.

In view of this, Xiaomi has added an AI button in some of its models, but … what happens with mobiles that do not have this specialized button?

Very easy, among the great advantages that MIUI offers us we find the possibility of configure your buttons and shortcuts. With this, we can not only configure a button to invoke the wizard, but also other applications such as camera wave Lantern.

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In the face of this, then we are going to explain how to configure the buttons of your Xiaomi so that you can invoke the voice assistant by holding down the power button itself. A quick and easy way to activate Alexa or Google assistant.

How to configure the buttons of a Xiaomi mobile

If we want to configure or customize the buttons of a Xiaomi mobile We will only have to carry out the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings> Additional Settings> Button Shortcuts
  2. Then we will only have to access the action that we want to configure and choose which button and pressing method will be necessary for its activation.

Among the various options that MIUI allows us for the configuration of the buttons of our Xiaomi we found quick access to the camera, to the split screen or even your own Lantern of the system.

How to configure the power button to invoke the wizard

If we want that the voice assistant is invoked by the power button of our Xiaomi we will have to carry out the following steps:

  1. Go to the Settings app> Additional settings> Button shortcuts.
  2. Once inside, we go to the end and activate the option “Press and hold the Power button for 0.5 seconds to …”

In this way, we will have configured the power button of our Xiaomi so that after a long press for at least 0.5 seconds automatically activate the voice assistant invocation.

If what we want is to turn off our Xiaomi we will have to press and hold said button for a longer period of time.