More and more Xiaomi are joining the trend of curved screens. Although they are becoming less contoured, the truth is that this type of screen offers not just a more premium visual experience, but also greater image depth when viewing content.

Since its first integration in the Xiaomi MiNote 2 back in 2016, Xiaomi has been launching several smartphones with this type of screen. The last of them was Xiaomi Mi 11, which, thanks to its curved screen, offers a most attractive and pleasant design in the hand as it has a more compact thickness at its edges.

If you have a Xiaomi with a curved screen, it is convenient to adjust its edges, all this in order to prevent accidental touches on the screen and especially when using it with one hand. This is achieved in a simple way thanks to one of the latest settings that Xiaomi has integrated into its latest versions of MIUI.

How to adjust the edges of your Xiaomi with a curved screen

For adjust the edges of your Xiaomi with curved screen In order to reduce the number of accidental touches or ghost touches, we must make the following adjustments:

  1. Go to Settings > Additional settings > Ignore accidental touches on the edges
  2. Once inside, we will activate the option “Personalize” and we will configure the sensitivity area according to our taste.
    • We can also choose between large area in order to reduce almost the entire curved area or small area to reduce it slightly.

In this way we will be able to adjust the edges of our Xiaomi in order to make them less susceptible to accidental touches. Our recommendation is that adjust it as you detect more or less ghost touches until you find the perfect customization.

If in addition, your Xiaomi has fingerprint reader on screen, we recommend you go through this guide where we explain how to improve its performance and make it work much faster.