How to Clear Cache and Application Data on Xiaomi Phones - Header

XiaomiDevices – Various kinds of problems that appear on mobile phones based on the Android operating system sometimes appear only because of cache and data accumulation due to application usage.

When experiencing a number of problems on Android phones, we can therefore consider clearing the cache and application data first. Only then can you try to find another solution if that method fails.

As we know, applications in general will try to store cache and data on the internal storage media so as not to produce what is needed repeatedly. The goal is to speed up the various processes offered.

It’s just that as a result, cache and data buildup is unavoidable. If there is a discrepancy with what is needed by the system or application, it can cause some problems.

Clearing cache and data of Android apps is fortunately very easy. Those of you who use Xiaomi-made devices specifically can follow these steps if you can’t do it yet.

How to Clear Cache and Application Data on Xiaomi Mobile

Via Settings

  • Open Settings
  • Go to page Apps
  • Choose Manage Apps
  • Use the search field to search for the desired application
  • Click the app to open the App info page How to Clear Cache and Application Data on Xiaomi Phones - 1
  • Tap the button Clear data in the below section
  • Choose Clear all data or Clear cache according to the needs
  • Confirm by pressing the button OK How to Clear Cache and Application Data on Xiaomi Phones - 2

We can use this method to clear cache and data for apps one by one. Usually, we can use it to solve problems with a service without fear of affecting other applications.

This method of clearing cache and data is also among the most commonly used methods. Although the display interface of each device will be different, we can also apply it to most Android phones even though it requires adjustment steps.

Specifically for cache, we can also delete it by using the Security application other than through the settings page. Here are more complete steps to do it.

Via Security

  • Open app list
  • Find and tap the icon Security
  • On the main Security page, go to the menu Cleaner
  • Wait for the data scanner to finish
  • Tap the button Clean Up How to Clear Cache and Application Data on Xiaomi Phones - 3

In addition to using the two methods above, there are actually methods that can be used because some applications have features to clear cache and data themselves. We can use it although the steps required will certainly vary.

Examples of applications that support the clearing cache feature are Instagram and Google Chrome. You can find out how to use them on the help pages provided by the developers for each of these products.