If we want our Xiaomi mobile to last us a few years, it is essential that we carry out certain maintenance tasks. And no, we are not talking at the software level, but rather keeping your speakers clean, or as we will explain below, clean your USB port to avoid charging problems.

Given the nature of the USB port, whether it is a microUSB or a USB Type C, dirt tends to get inside it, sinking right into the background, pushed by the charging cable connector itself.

This can eventually cause charging problems, either generating interruptions or even reaching the point that our Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO does not load. That is why keeping the USB port clean is a fundamental task.

How to clean the USB port of your Xiaomi safely

If your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO does not charge or suffers intermittent power outages, the idea is that we clean your USB port. For this, there are two different ways to do it, as well as several recommendations so that the process is safe, as well as effective:

1. Use a wooden toothpick or as a last resort, a pin

The most effective way to clean the USB port of a mobile device, be it a Xiaomi, Redmi, POCO or any other brand, is using a wooden stick. Thanks to this we can extract from its interior any remaining dirt, lint or dust particle that makes charging difficult.

As a bonus tip, add that it is safer to do this cleaning with a wooden utensil or made of some non-conductive material. In the event that in this way we do not manage to remove all the dirt, your thing would be to use, very carefully, a pin.

In addition, once we manage to unclog the most dirt with the toothpick or pin, it is convenient to use a soft fiber toothbrush. Thanks to this, we configure to drag the rest of the dirt that has come off to the outside.

2. Finish cleaning using compressed air

Finally, since the USB port does not contain small components that can be easily detached, we can use compressed air to finish cleaning any remaining dirt or lint.

In amazon You can find these practical cans of compressed air that will allow you not only to clean the USB port of your Xiaomi, but also other objects such as controllers, keyboards, etc.