XiaomiDevices – Junk files are something that annoys a smartphone. In fact, sometimes the internal capacity of a smartphone suddenly swells even though the files (photos, videos, music, or documents) that are stored are not too many.

For this reason, almost all smartphones from various brands have been equipped with a built-in Cleaner or Cleaner application that can clean junk data if the internal capacity feels very piled up and is almost used up.

One of them is Xiaomi which has implemented the built-in Cleaner or Cleaner application on its smartphone or cellphone. With the presence of this application, it makes it easy for users to clean up unnecessary junk files quickly and easily.

For those of you who want to clean up trash on a Xiaomi cellphone, then you can see the tutorial as follows.

How to Clean Garbage on Xiaomi Phones

  1. First, open the app Cleaner or Cleaner on the Xiaomi cellphone homescreen
  2. After application Cleaner is opened, then the scanning process for junk files or not needed will automatically be carried out
  3. After the scanning process is complete, the application Cleaner will show the size of the junk file that has accumulated on the Xiaomi cellphone
  4. In addition, there are also details of junk files and their sizes so you can choose which files should be deleted or not
  5. After the selected trash file is appropriate, then immediately select the button clean up [ukuran file sampah] in the below section
  6. The process of cleaning or deleting garbage on Xiaomi cellphones will run
  7. If the process has been completed, the Cleaner application will show a statement that the Xiaomi cellphone has no trash accompanied by information about the total capacity of the internal storage and the remaining unused Steps to Clean Garbage on Xiaomi Phones

You could say Xiaomi provides a built-in Cleaner or Cleaner application so that users don’t have to bother anymore to install third-party applications from the Google Play Store. Interestingly, this application itself is easy to use even for ordinary people who are new to using Xiaomi cellphones.

However, if you are still dissatisfied with the performance of the Cleaner or Cleaner application on your Xiaomi cellphone, maybe you can try to find and delete files that you think are no longer needed, such as video data in the WhatsApp application to reduce the burden on your Xioami cellphone’s internal storage capacity.

In addition, you can also download several third-party Cleaner or Cleaner applications available on the Google Play Store. Sometimes the method between applications will be slightly different so that the results are different.

But in essence, these Cleaner applications provide file details along with the size of their data so that the user can choose them so that they are not mistaken when deleted forever. Meanwhile, if you have an even more effective way to clean trash on a Xiaomi cellphone, then you can provide input in the comments column below.