How to Claim Xiaomi Warranty - Header

XiaomiDevices – Xiaomi is one of the companies that has a pretty good after-sales service. One of them is that we can file a warranty claim which is quite easy if the device has problems.

This guarantee even applies to almost all types of devices made by Xiaomi that are officially distributed in Indonesia. This includes mobile phones, tablets, and accessory products such as the Mi Band.

It’s just like other companies, the warranty period that will be provided by Xiaomi is also very limited. Each product even has very different terms and durations in this regard.

In addition, not all types of damage will be covered by the limited warranty. Especially if the problem occurs due to user error (human error) such as the device falling, entering the water, or the system modification process.

In order to succeed when you need to make a warranty claim for a device made by Xiaomi, we need to study the terms and conditions. Those of you who don’t know can listen to this in more detail in the following explanation.

How to Claim Xiaomi Warranty

  1. Check device warranty using IMEI
  2. Make sure the device is officially distributed and is still within the warranty period
  3. Check Mi Authorized Service Center location
  4. Prepare supporting documents such as sales box (you can only IMEI) and proof of purchase
  5. Bring the device and supporting documents to the nearest Mi Authorized Service Center
  6. Tell us what you’re experiencing
  7. Wait for the guarantee eligibility check process
  8. Repairs will be carried out with different durations depending on the level of damage and the availability of components

Before coming to the nearest Mi Authorized Service Center, it’s a good idea to contact the service via the appropriate phone number. Prepare data such as Model, IMEI, complete address, contact person who can be contacted, and proof of purchase.

Interestingly enough, the warranty that will be provided by Xiaomi does not only cover the main device but also additional accessories that are also provided during the sale such as a charging adapter or data cable. Although in this case the duration is different.

Xiaomi Warranty Period

Product Type Warranty period
Mobile 15 Months
Tablet 12 months
Built-in charger and accessories 6 months
Mi Band 12 months
Mi Band Strap 7 days
power bank 12 months
earphones 6 months
Battery 6 months
Chargers 6 months
Data cable 6 months
USB Car Charger 6 months

A little note, the warranty period for the battery in the table above applies specifically to removable models. If it is embedded in the body of a cellphone or tablet, the conditions will follow the relevant device.

The mobile phone warranty period that we have written in the table above is also only a general provision. There are several device models that have different stats such as 18 Months for Redmi Note 7 or 24 Months for Redmi 8, Redmi 8A, Redmi 9A, and Redmi 9C.

As long as it is still within the warranty period, device repairs will also be carried out free of charge because it includes costs and spare parts. This only applies to damage that has been confirmed by the Mi Authorized Service Center.

Types of Damage Included in the Xiaomi Warranty


  • Screen off
  • Image display is not normal
  • Device does not turn on
  • Cannot be used to make phone calls
  • Can’t vibrate or ring
  • Dying abnormally
  • Can’t read SIM card
  • Broken button
  • Can’t sound or volume problem
  • Cracks due to material or structure


  • Can’t charge
  • Can’t work according to specifications


  • Cannot be charged
  • Has a short duration of use
  • Can’t turn on the device

Data cable

  • Can’t charge
  • Cannot transfer data

Replacement of spare parts from the above defects will be carried out according to what was used before. But if it can’t be repaired, such as when the component stock runs out, Xiaomi will usually offer a new device with a newer model or a refund of the purchase.

Types of Damage Not Included in Xiaomi’s Warranty

  • The product serial number, IMEI, or warranty seal is lost or has been removed, tampered with, and altered
  • Loose and missing patches, accessories, or exteriors
  • Scratches on the body, screen, or camera glass of the device
  • Dent in device frame
  • Damage due to disassembly
  • Damage due to normal use such as rust and stains
  • There is a violation of business ethics

Based on the checks it does, Xiaomi can also determine whether the device has lost its warranty or not. Usually, it will be seen from the violation, the validity period, to the cancellation request.

Especially for violations that can invalidate Xiaomi’s warranty claims, including damage, repairs carried out independently, misuse, exposure to water, replacement of parts that are not in accordance with the provisions, to use that is not in line with product guidelines.

In case of loss of warranty, product repair will be carried out separately from the Mi Authorized Service Center. The cost and purchase of spare parts may also incur additional costs according to the damage.