XiaomiDevices – Batteries are an important component in smartphone devices that provide a source of life for every feature it carries, from the kitchen runway to the camera.

A prime battery will provide maximum performance in every use so that it can be used for longer. Vice versa if the battery is not healthy, then the use of the smartphone is not good and can hamper your activities.

Therefore, the XiaomiDevices Team will share how to know the health of your smartphone battery, especially for those of you who use smartphones made by Xiaomi.

Actually there are many ways you can do to find out if your battery is healthy or not. You can even go through third-party apps and test them directly. But this time the XiaomiDevices team will give you a way without third-party applications so you don’t need to install.

One of the ways provided directly by Xiaomi is by pressing the secret code *#*#4636#*#* which you have to enter in the call feature. Later you will be automatically directed to the test system.

To test the battery you can choose Battery info to view a description of the battery status, condition, level, capacity, battery temperature, and scale. The description of the battery condition will provide information that your Xiaomi battery is good or not.

One more way that you can try is to test it on the settings or settings on your Xiaomi smartphone.

How to Check Xiaomi HP Battery Health

  1. Choose ‘Settings/Settings‘ in Xiaomi smartphones.
  2. Choose ‘About Phone‘ then press ‘Kernel Version‘ three times to enter the test system.How-to-Check-Battery-Health-Xiaomi
  3. Then select ‘single item test‘.
  4. Various test items will appear from Key, Bluetooth, SIM Card, Vibration, Speaker, Headset, LED, Camera, Wi-Fi to Battery.
  5. Select Battery according to the initial purpose.
  6. Next you will be directed to the menu ‘Engineering Mode‘ which consists of a battery test including status, health, level, scale, voltage, to temperature.How-to-Check-Battery-Health-Xiaomi

You can check whether the Xiaomi battery is healthy or not in the health information. if it says good or good, then your smartphone battery can still be used. On the other hand, if the condition is not good then you need to get ready to immediately replace it with a new battery.

That’s how to check the health of the Xiaomi smartphone battery, hopefully it’s useful and you can practice it right away. If you have any questions or difficulties, you can ask in the comments column below.