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XiaomiDevices – Checking the IMEI on Xiaomi phones can be done in several ways. So we don’t have to worry if one of them suddenly can’t be used for some reason.

IMEI which stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity is indeed very important for a cellphone. In simple terms, IMEI can act like an ID number (KTP), only for electronic products.

By using IMEI, we can check the type and warranty period of the cellphones we use. We can also use it to see if the device is officially distributed or not.

Meanwhile, on the side of regulators, this identity number can also be used to regulate the circulation of illegal cellular devices in a country. They can block unregistered cellphones like what is done in Indonesia.

Checking the IMEI of a cellphone is fortunately not a difficult matter. For devices made by Xiaomi, we can use the following methods if we want to do this.

1. Using IMEI Check Code

  • Open Dialpad (phone dialing app)
  • Type code *#06#
  • IMEI information will appear in a special window
  • Tap OK or button Back to close the window

Using the IMEI check code is the most common way to do so until now. We can use it not only for devices made by Xiaomi, but almost all existing mobile phone models and brands.

In addition to using a special code to check IMEI, we can also take advantage of the network test mode available on a number of Xiaomi phones. As for specifically we can open it with the following series of steps.

2. Using Network Tester Mode

  • Enter the Dialpad app
  • Type code *#*#4636#*#*
  • Tap Phone information 1 to check IMEI of SIM 1
  • Tap Phone information 2 to check IMEI of SIM 2
  • IMEI information is usually displayed at the top How to Check Xiaomi IMEI - 1

This tester mode itself can usually also be used to lock the network type of the cellphone used. It’s just that unfortunately it is not fully available for all device models made by Xiaomi.

There are several models of Xiaomi cellphones that are locked so that this network test mode cannot be accessed directly. As an alternative, we can also check the IMEI through the device settings page like the following steps.

3. Via Settings

  • Visit page Settings
  • Go to section About phone
  • Click All specs
  • Scroll down and select Status How to Check Xiaomi IMEI - 2
  • Search section Device details to view IMEI

Each version of MIUI certainly has a different display interface in this regard. Even so, checking the IMEI of Xiaomi phones through settings in general can be done in the above way but there may need to be a little adjustment for some device models.

4. View the Packaging Box

Some of the methods that have been described are actually quite reliable if we want to check IMEI on Xiaomi phones. However, what if the device in question cannot be turned on because it is damaged or out of power?

Seeing the packaging box can certainly be a solution for this. Usually at the bottom or side there will be basic information about the related device including its IMEI number.

Even if you don’t find the IMEI on the bottom or side of the sales box, you can open it to look for a sticker or warranty card. Information about the identity number of this cellphone can also be seen from there.