When we buy from AliExpress or some other online stores, we expose ourselves to being sold a non-global version of that Xiaomi smartphone that we so much desire. We are not talking about whether it is a Global ROM or a Global version, but about if they are really selling us an authentic international product and not a Chinese version with a modified Custom ROM posing as Global.

And it is that, the growing demand that has been generated around Xiaomi smartphones in recent years, has made some dodgy vendors try to camouflage chinese versions attracting the attention of potential buyers through attractive really low prices.

Therefore, below we will explain how to use the tool product verification that Xiaomi makes available to us on its official website. A simple form that allows us to verify the origin of our mobile device according to its IMEI or Y/N, as well as verifying a certain accessory or gadget is original.

Check if our Xiaomi smartphone is an authentic global version

To check if our Xiaomi smartphone is an authentic Global version, we just have to access this link. Once inside, simply enter our IMEI followed by the verification code or captcha. Remember, the IMEI we can find it in the box of our smartphone, in the menu Settings ⇒ Information about the phone or by making a call to *#06#.

Return message when checking a China Version.

Once verified and in the event that it is an authentic Global version, the Xiaomi website will return an approval message similar to the one we can see on these lines. Otherwise, it will warn us that our smartphone is not an official global version.