Although Xiaomi does not stop bringing a large part of its smart devices to the international market, there are still a large number of them that they are only compatible with Mi Home through Chinese server.

Although the European region of Xiaomi Home already allows us to connect dozens of smart devices, the truth is that if we use the Chinese server we will see how the number of compatible devices multiplies considerably.

And we are not only talking about devices manufactured by Xiaomi, this also happens with all those third-party smart devices that have support for Mi Home (MiJia), like this smart grower or cat litter we saw some time ago.

That is why one of the most repeated questions in the support forums is “Why is a Xiaomi product not showing up on Mi Home?“, This is because it is only compatible with the Chinese server and not with the European one, which is the default when we install this application

How to change the server of Mi Home or Xiaomi Home

For change Xiaomi Home or Mi Home server from European to Chinese, we will only have to carry out the following steps:

  1. Enter Xiaomi Home> Profile> Settings
  2. Once inside we enter the option “Region” And we change it to China. If we want to reverse the process or change it to a European server, we just have to put Spain or any other country.

In this way, we will use the Chinese server of Xiaomi Home or Mi Home, allowing us to connect a wide variety of smart products, whether they are Xiaomi’s own, or those of third parties that are compatible.

In addition, there is the possibility of make use of the European and Chinese servers simultaneously, thus allowing the use of any Xiaomi device. For this we must duplicate Mi Home app, as we indicated in this tutorial.