Lately you ask us often what dangers does changing the region of your Xiaomi with MIUI 12 entail and what advantages will you obtain in doing so. Two quite interesting questions that we will now solve in a simple way to understand.

Probably on more than one occasion you have been recommended to change the region of your Xiaomi, either for get some extra option or as part of a tutorial. This is because depending on the region in which you configure your Xiaomi, applications or software limitations will be affected one way or another.

In addition, in order to comply with the regional regulations of each area, whether in Europe or in any other country in particular, regions will adapt our smartphone to these. Without going any further, Europe limits the maximum volume of smartphones, which is why it is recommended to use another region other than that of a European country.

How to change the region of your Xiaomi and what dangers it implies

The fact of change the region of any Xiaomi, redmi or POCO device it is extremely simple. To do this we just have to perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Additional settings > Region
  2. Next we will select the region that we want to use. Ex: Andorra, India, Hong Kong, etc.

After that, the default settings and applications of our Xiaomi will adapt to those of the region that we have established. For example, if we set “India” we will see how applications of the type My Pay appear on our desktop since it is a service that if it is available in India but not in Europe.

In this way we can say that changing the region our Xiaomi does not imply any danger, since the only thing we will do is that your settings and applications adapt to those of the established country. Therefore, if we change the region we will not expose ourselves to any type of danger that could damage our smartphone.

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That if, as the only negative point we find the rise of bloatware, depending on the region we choose. These are nothing more than Xiaomi or third party applications under commercial agreements, which will be installed automatically thereby occupying space in our Xiaomi.

Some examples of why change the region of your Xiaomi

To customize the MIUI font we will have to change the region of our Xiaomi.

There are probably two main reasons to change the region of your Xiaomi. One of them is based on European limitations and regulations and another is directly related to the use of Themes on your smartphone.

As many of you know, Europe forces manufacturers to apply certain limitations. An example of this is the maximum volume in headphones, something that we can “skip” by changing the region of our Xiaomi for the Andorra or any other outside Europe.

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Furthermore, if we choose the region India We will see how the Themes application evolves considerably. Unlike what we would get with a European region, It will have a lot of topics., as well as the ability to customize more aspects such as the MIUI font type.