With the return of the Themes app to the Global version of MIUI, changing the icons of our Xiaomi is extremely simple. And it is that, from this application developed by Xiaomi, we can install an infinity of themes and make use of their icons for later installation.

In itself, the Themes app allows us to almost completely change the appearance of the MIUI interface: money, fonts, icons, lock screen, etc. A really simple way to give a touch of customization to our Xiaomi without complicating ourselves with third-party applications.

Best of all, these topics allow us to simultaneously use your icons independently, being the safest and optimal way to customize them to our liking. As it is a native MIUI application, its operation will be really safe and smooth.

How to change the icons of our Xiaomi without installing third-party applications

To change the icons of our Xiaomi we only have to access the Themes application. Once inside we can choose from a wide variety of personalized themes so that make use of your icons.

Apply only the icons of a particular theme.

After downloading a particular theme, we don’t have to apply it directly if we don’t like the rest of its interface. Just by downloading it we can choose your icons to establish them as the main ones of our Xiaomi. To do this we will do the following:

  1. Once the theme whose icons we like is downloaded, we will go to the lower right icon of “Profile”.
  2. Then we will go to Icons and choose those corresponding to the theme that we have previously downloaded.

In this way we can install an infinity of icons through the Xiaomi Themes application itself already installed on our device. And remember, to make use of the icons you do not have to install the entire theme, just its icons as we have explained.