XiaomiDevices – By bringing a system called MIUI, Xiaomi is trying to provide a variety of interesting features for users through special applications for their mobile phones.

Unfortunately, not all of these bloatware applications are favorite services. Some of them are actually avoided because they are quite disturbing or less familiar in the eyes of users.

The Xiaomi browser called Mi Browser is one of them. Not a few users who admire the MIUI system actually want to leave the application and switch to another service.

The reasons can be very diverse. One that is quite common, users feel unfamiliar with the browser because the search engine is not Google which they often use in their daily lives.

Fortunately, the Android system basically has options that can be used to set default apps. This setting is also present in the MIUI interface with a slightly different placement.

Users can use this setting to set which apps will be their primary product. Included in it can be used to switch browsers to a support that will be used frequently.

How to Change the Default Application for Browsers on Xiaomi Mobiles

MIUI New Version

  1. Open the app Settings
  2. Search menu Apps (click if needed)
  3. Entered into Manage Apps
  4. Click More options (three dots icon) in the upper right corner
  5. Choose an option Default Apps
  6. Click Browser then select the desired browser

Some of the steps to change the default browser above apply to new operating systems (MIUI 9 and above). If you are using an older interface, you can follow these steps.


  1. Enter the app Settings
  2. Search and open menu Installed Apps
  3. Click button Default
  4. Tap Browser then select the desired browser

It’s a good idea before visiting the Default Apps settings page with the two methods above, you need to install another browser application first so that the options you want are available.

In addition, you can delete the default settings for Mi Browser in the following way if when opening the link it is still thrown into the default Xiaomi browser.

Clear Browser Default Apps

  1. search Mi Browser in app list
  2. Long press on the related icon
  3. Then click App Info
  4. Find and tap menu Clear defaults to clear the default settings

By following some of the ways above, Xiaomi mobile users can reuse their favorite browser as the main application, be it Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or other third-party browsers.