MIUI 10 has just officially landed on various Xiaomi devices with a myriad of changes, including changes to the UI (user interface) to become more friendly.

But even so, there are quite a lot of people who want to make the interface of their Xiaomi device look more personal by changing its components, from the wallpaper to the overall theme.

And one of the obstacles for most people in making this more personal look is the absence of a text (font) change menu in the Themes application that Xiaomi includes on its devices.

For that, in this review, we will try to review how to download and change fonts on Xiaomi devices, especially those running the latest operating system, namely MIUI 10.

And of course, in this review, the method that we will review does not need to use root access, which in fact can be quite dangerous when in the hands of the wrong person.

How to Change Font in Xiaomi MIUI 10 ROM Without Root

The easiest way to find downloaded fonts for MIUI 10 can be done by opening the app Theme on the device you are using. Although there is no option to change the font, you can use it with a simple trick.

After successfully entering the main page of the Themes application on MIUI 10, you only need to type the word “free” in the search field. Next, you only need to do a search with these keywords.

From the list of search results, you will find the font section, if not you can scroll the screen to the bottom. To see other font choices, you can select the button View all.

Find a theme that matches the personalization you want. If you have found it, click on the font type, select the button free download, and wait. After the font download process is complete, select the button Apply.

If a request appears to reload the device, then confirm it with the appropriate button. If successful, after the device has turned back on, the text on the Xiaomi device you are using will change.

In addition to using this method, you can also change the region of the Xiaomi device. This way, you can bring up the font options in the theme app, which you can also use to revert to the default font.