XiaomiDevices – Changing emojis on Xiaomi devices is different from other devices, thanks to a special system called MIUI (MI User Interface) carried by the device.

MIUI is a favorite of many people because it offers various advantages when compared to other specialized Android systems. Even as of September 2018, users have increased to 224.4 million.

But unfortunately, even so, this system does not support changing emoji directly in it. Therefore, users need to outsmart it with the following.

How to Change Emoji on Xiaomi Devices

  1. First of all, install the FONT2MTZ application which can be downloaded via the following page
  2. Furthermore, since emojis depend on the type of font used, download a .ttf formatted font that has a specific emoji
  3. If so, open the FONT2MTZ application
  4. Enter various kinds of information in the column provided
  5. Click button FONT PICK, then look for the .ttf font that was downloaded earlier
  6. Then, tap the button CREATE MTZ

After the process is complete, import the successfully created .mtz format file and apply it using MIUI Theme Manager

As for applying fonts, download the iFont app from Google Play Store. Through the iFont app, tap the tab MY and go to options Font Size. Next, click System Fonts and apply the imported font. You may also be prompted to reload the device.

In addition to using this method, you can also use the MIUI Custom Font Installer application which can be downloaded via Google Play Store to install .ttf formatted fonts into Xiaomi devices.

However, it should be noted that not all Xiaomi devices are compatible with the two ways to change the emoji above. For this particular case, you can open root access using Magisk Manager to do it.

But because this is very risky for the device, especially for those of you who are still new, we will not explain in detail how to open root access on Xiaomi devices.

Interestingly, along with installing Magisk into the device, it is usually also equipped with fonts that contain special emojis, such as the iOS emoji for one.