XiaomiDevices – Since it appeared new Domestic Component Level (TKDN) regulations, many companies are affected. One of them is Xiaomi, which has had to restrict some of its phones on the 3G network.

For example, Chinese company This must castrate the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 smartphone. The smartphone which was actually released with 4G specifications was forced to be unable to access the network.

But the good news is that the restrictions imposed by Xiaomi are only on the software side. So that by using the existing secret menu, we can easily access the 4G network on the Xiaomi 3G device.

Interestingly, by using this secret menu as well, users of other Xiaomi devices can also lock the network on 4G Only on their device, when the device does not support this network lock feature.

In more detail, below is how to change the 3G network to 4G on Xiaomi devices. But before following the steps, you need to first remove the SIM card for some smartphones, so that the secret menu appears.

How to Change 3G to 4G Network on Xiaomi Devices

  1. Open the dialpad (call keypad), then type *#*#4636#*#*
  2. Next, if taken to the Testing page, select Phone Information 1
  3. Scroll down and look for the section Set preferred network type
  4. Tap an option in that section, then select the network to use, for example 4G LTE Only to lock the network on 4G or CDMA Only to enable 4G on TKDN affected devices
  5. Exit the Testing menu, then install the SIM card if previously removed

Furthermore, specifically for TKDN restricted devices, we still need to lock the network through Settings. How, open Settings, then go to SIM Card & Mobile Network, and select SIM card 1.

From the settings page, then find and select Preferred network type. If the Global, Preferred 4G (CDMA) and Preferred 3G (CDMA) options appear, then select Preferred 4G (CDMA).

After successfully activating and locking the network to 4G Only, generally the device will not be able to be used to access GSM services, such as to make calls, receive calls, or send SMS.

Therefore, as a suggestion, it’s a good idea to use two cards on the device that will use this method, where SIM card 1 is for internet and SIM card 2 is for GSM-based services.