One of the reasons Mi Fans love so much Xiaomi because the smartphone that was released has a low price with interesting hardware specifications. So don’t be surprised if there are so many loyal users that there is even the hashtag #mendingxiaomi.

Well, all electronic items that use batteries, including smartphones, are occasionally necessary need calibration battery. This is to keep the power capacity read by the system correctly according to its current capability. Even so, calibration should not be done too often because it will worsen the current condition of the battery.

You can do the calibration process when you feel something is wrong with the battery. For example, when the percentage of the battery is still high, it suddenly dies and when it is checked it turns out to be exhausted so it needs to be charged. This is a sign that the reported battery capacity is not correct.

For this reason, Xiaomi smartphone users must calibrate so that the battery can be said to be normal. Well, for gadgeters who are curious about how to calibrate the Xiaomi battery, you can follow the following tutorial which is very easy to do

How to Calibrate Xiaomi Battery

  1. First, you can turn on the Xiaomi smartphone first.
  2. Next, the Gadgeter charges or charges the battery until it reaches 100%. In this case, you can turn on airplane mode or turn off the Xiaomi smartphone data package so that the battery can be charged quickly.
  3. If the battery is fully charged to 100%, the Xiaomi smartphone can be turned off immediately.
  4. In the off state, Gadgeters can charge the Xiaomi smartphone until the battery is fully discharged 100%.
  5. Then, Gadgeters can restart the Xiaomi smartphone and use it (playing games, browsing, texting, calling, watching videos, and many more) until the battery power runs out which is indicated by a percentage of 0%. Usually the smartphone will automatically turn itself off.
  6. After the Xiaomi smartphone is completely dead due to running out of battery, you can leave it for up to 15 minutes.
  7. After 15 minutes have passed, the Gadgeter can charge or charge the Xiaomi smartphone battery in the off state until it is full and reaches 100%. Make sure the charging cable is unplugged when the Xiaomi smartphone battery reaches 100%.
  8. Finally, Gadgeters can calibrate this battery up to 3 times for maximum results.

Hopefully with this calibration it can make the Xiaomi smartphone owned by Gadgeter back to normal so that it can support daily activities. But remember once that this process should not be done too often. Good luck.