The Gallery application that Xiaomi adds to all its smartphones has more options than we could imagine. Among these we find the possibility of changing the sky of any photograph or even blur or pixelate faces, license plates or any other text or object.

In a fairly simple way, the MIUI gallery allows us to ohide parts of a photograph that we do not want to make public. For example, when we upload a photograph of our vehicle to the network and we do not want its license plate to be seen.

To do this, the gallery application has the mosaic tool, which as if it were a brush, allows us to erase, with different reasons, any area of ​​a photograph. In addition, this tool has a fairly flexible use, allowing in turn erase pixelated area if we want it that way.

How to hide or pixelate areas of a photograph with your Xiaomi

For hide or pixelate parts of a photo, whether it is a face, a text, a license plate or any other object, we will only have to carry out the following steps:

  1. Go to Gallery and enter the photo to edit.
  2. After that we will enter the editing options and look for the “Mosaic“.
  3. Once done, we will only have to paint the area to pixelate or blur with the style that we like the most.

In this simple way we can hide, blur, or pixelate certain areas of a photograph. In addition, the Mosaic mode has various styles and motifs, letting us fly our creativity beyond what we imagined.