Little by little Xiaomi has been replacing its Phone application with that of Google. Although we lose the possibility of recording calls, the truth is that we gain other options such as the possibility of block all SPAM calls.

Beyond blocking a specific phone number, this Google application allows us to block all SPAM calls that we receive on our Xiaomi taking into account an extensive list that has been generated over the last few years.

Thanks to this we can stop receiving commercial calls or calls classified as SPAM, either those that Google has cataloged in this way or those that we, the users, have been reporting as calls of this type.

Block all SPAM calls on your Xiaomi with the Google list

For block all SPAM calls that we receive on our Xiaomi, first of all we will have to have installed the Google Phone application available in the google play. After that, we will only have to perform the following steps:

  • Go to the Phone app > Settings (from the 3 dots on the right) > Caller ID and spam
  • Once inside we just have to activate the option “Filter spam calls

In this way, our Xiaomi will automatically block all calls classified as SPAM by Google. A quick and easy way to avoid commercial calls that can constantly bother us.