Probably from time to time your Xiaomi has displayed the message of do not cover the earpiece area. Fortunately, it has an explanation and also a fairly simple solution so that it is not shown again.

Well, without going any further, this error message or warning that displayed on a black background It is directly related to the pocket mode, the same one that prevents our smartphone from being activated by mistake when having it stored in a pocket, backpack or bag.

Either because we have installed a screen protector, because the proximity sensor itself is out of calibration or even, due to a MIUI failure, this message of not covering the area of ​​the headset usually appears more than usual although in reality we are not covering that area, especially in the Redmi 9, Redmi Note 9 or POCO X3 NFC.

How to solve the message of not covering the earpiece area on your Xiaomi

If the message of not covering the area of ​​the headset appears continuously on your Xiaomi, even though you’re not actually covering its sensor, avoiding it is quite simple. To do this, we must deactivate pocket mode as follows:

  1. Go to Settings> Lock screen
  2. Once inside we just have to deactivate the pocket mode

In this way, although we actually renounce the functionality offered by the pocket mode, we will avoid being shown the message of not covering the earphone area, thus improving the user experience and avoiding its appearance by mistake.