Beyond being able to turn them on remotely, Xiaomi smart bulbs allow us to carry out all kinds of automations. From programming its on and off at a certain time, to even, be combined with other smart products such as motion sensors.

In view of this, below we are going to explain how to combine a Xiaomi smart bulb, no matter what model it is, with the Xiaomi Mi Motion Sensor, the motion sensors that we can find inside the Xiaomi Mi Smart Sensor Set.

Automate your Xiaomi smart light bulbs with a motion sensor

Before we start automating our smart light bulbs, we must have all the devices involved linked to Xiaomi Home. In the case of Mi Motion Sensor sensors, it is essential to use a gateway or gateway, since by themselves they do not allow actions to be carried out remotely.

The first step will be to access the Xiaomi Home or Mi Home application and then access the smart bulb we want to automate. Once inside we will access its settings from the three points in the upper right area and then we will enter the Automation section.

After that we will start a new automation through the upper icon of a “+“. after that we will have to carry out two very important actions in which the motion sensor and the smart bulb will be involved:

  • Yes: Here we will place the action that will have to happen for the Xiaomi smart bulb to turn on. In this case we click on “Add“, we look for the motion sensor and select “motion detected“.
  • After: Here we will place the device that will be activated after detecting the movement, in this case the smart light bulb.
  • After selecting it we can choose the action “Light” or “illuminate for an adjustable period of time“. The latter will allow us to set a power-on time, so it will turn off automatically.

In this way, saving the automation we will achieve that our smart light bulb turns on automatically after detecting motion. An extremely useful function that we can also combine with groups or sets of smart bulbs.