According to studies, throughout 2020 a large part of the population bought at least one smart device. Also, if you are reading these lines, it is because you probably have at least one Xiaomi gadget of this type, which now you can also control from the Control Center.

If you have MIUI 12 and Android 10, now we can manage our smart devices linked to Xiaomi Home or My Home from the MIUI Control Center itself. All this in a simple way, but above all, very visual and easy to access.

In addition, if your Xiaomi has Android 1.1 you can also manage your smart gadgets linked to Google Home from Control Center. Quite a success on the part of Xiaomi, simplifying the management not only of our smartphone, but also that of our devices.

How to add Xiaomi Home to MIUI Control Center

For add your Xiaomi Home or Mi Home linked devices to Control Center of MIUI we only have to perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Display > Control Center and Notification Bar
  2. Once inside we look for the option “smart home” and select Xiaomi Home or Google Home.

In this way, all the smart devices that we have in the Xiaomi Home or Mi Home favorites section will appear in the Control Center. In addition, through the settings of this new section we can customize which ones we want to appear and which ones do not.