The lock screen of our Xiaomi has more functionalities than we could imagine. It not only allows us to see the time or the latest notifications, but also add custom text.

Thanks to the numerous options that MIUI allows us, currently we can not only change the design of the lock screen clock, but also add our name, contact number or any text that we want.

Although the Always On Display mode already allows us to customize this aspect, this functionality allows us give your lock screen a personal touch of all those smartphones with a screen IPS LCD that do not have this MIUI mode.

How to add your name or a text on the lock screen of your Xiaomi

To Add, any text on the lock screen of your Xiaomi just carry out the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings> Lock screen> Lock screen clock format
  2. Once inside, we just have to click on “Owner Information on the Lock Screen” And enter the text you want.

It should be noted that in this section we can not only add text, but also all kinds of icons. For this we recommend you copy it from another application, whether it is WhatsApp or Telegram and paste them in this MIUI option.