XiaomiDevices – Humming is a fun thing for some people, therefore there are many applications that can play music along with displaying the lyrics. The good news is that Xiaomi’s built-in music player supports this.

Carrying MIUI as ROM for each of its devices, Xiaomi provides a few upgrades here and there in its system. This was done referring to the main purpose of developing the ROM by this Chinese vendor, which is to provide convenience and simplicity on the Android system, with better utilities.

One of the utilities that offered by Xiaomi is in the music player section. If most of the phone’s built-in music players can’t display lyrics when playing a song, Xiaomi offers the ability to play lyrics in its built-in music player.

Do you know how?

How to add song lyrics to the Xiaomi default music player is actually very easy, it only takes a little effort. Xiaomi’s built-in music player cannot automatically fetch lyrics from the Internet, to display on its app.

For some people, this will be a bit annoying because they can’t sing along or know the lyrics of the song clearly. Therefore, we need to download the lyrics first, then add them to the Xiaomi music player.

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How to Add Song Lyrics to Xiaomi Music Player

To do this, we have to download a third-party application andLyrics from APKPure (Download Here). This application can be used to search for lyrics that will be added to the Xiaomi default music player. After downloading it, follow the steps below

  1. Open the app
  2. Write the name of the artist or singer in the search field
  3. Find the song lyrics you want to save, by clicking on them one by one
  4. If you have found the right lyrics, click on the arrow icon in the upper left corner to save it
  5. Remember storage location by opening app settings
  6. Once done, open the Xiaomi default music player app
  7. On the song being played, open the menu, then select Edit Song Info
  8. Click on the Couldn’t Find Lyrics bagian section
  9. Navigate to the location where the lyrics are saved, and click save
  10. After that click OK on the top right
  11. Congratulations, you can now sing along to the lyrics displayed on the Xiaomi default music player while playing a song.

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By doing the above method, you can now sing along while listening to music like karaoke. Hopefully in the future MIUI will have its own features to make it easier for loyal users to add song lyrics on Xiaomi.

If you have questions or tricks that you want to know on Xiaomi devices, please post them in the comments column which you can find at the bottom of this page. Good luck.