The fingerprint recognition it is still the most used unlocking mechanism. Its ease of use in combination with its speed, have made other facial or biometric systems in general completely forgotten.

Whether on the screen, on the back or on the side, Xiaomi adds this unlocking system to practically all of its smartphones, also giving us the possibility of register and save multiple fingerprints for unlocking.

Thanks to this, we can for example record multi-finger print, thus facilitating the fact of unlocking our Xiaomi, Remdi or POCO, with different fingers or even with one hand or the other. Besides, this will also come in handy if we want consent access to a family member or friend.

How to register or add new tracks on your Xiaomi

Registering a new fingerprint in MIUI is very simple. To do this, we only have to perform the following steps that we detail below:

  1. Go to Settings > Passwords & security > Fingerprint unlock
  2. Once inside, from the section “FINGERPRINT” we can add new footprints through the option “add fingerprint

In this simple way we can even register more than one fingerprint of the same finger. For example, we can save on a normal day, another very hot day or even when we get out of the shower, this will make it easier for us to recognize any variation in the shape of our fingerprint.