The latest Xiaomi Home update has brought us a new Whole House Control Center, a section from which we can control different smart devices directly and much faster that we have installed in our home.

This new cover makes it easier for us to access and control the lights in our home. In addition, from this section, we can turn off or on all the lighting in a much faster way than what was allowed us before.

Likewise, the new Whole House Control Center allows us to have a direct visualization of the different environments of our home. With a simple glance, we can know the temperature, humidity or air quality of each area.

Beyond that, the new Whole House Control Center helps us direct access to devices in use such as air purifiers, robot vacuum cleaners or curtains, as well as a preview of the different cameras that we have connected.

How to activate the new Whole House Control Center on your Xiaomi

To activate the new Whole House Control Center on your Xiaomi through the Xiaomi Home app just follow these steps:

  1. Enter the Xiaomi Home application and then go to the section Profile
  2. After that, it will be enough to enter the Settings> Whole House Control Center
  3. Once inside we will only have to ENABLE the Whole House Control Center

In this way, the Xiaomi Home application will add a different cover, A Control Center from which to manage our entire home in a faster and more practical way than before.