Although the automatic mode of the MIUI camera manages to take quite interesting photographs, using the manual mode and adjusting its multiple parameters we will be able to obtain more professional results.

On the contrary, many of these adjustments make it necessary to have a basic notion of photography, especially if we want to properly adjust values ​​such as ISO, shutter speed or exposure level.

Similarly, the camera application that Xiaomi integrates into practically all its smartphones has several features that make it easier for us to use the manual mode. An example of this is the exposure meter.

How to activate and use the light and exposure meter of the Xiaomi camera

If we want to take the step and start using the manual mode of the camera, we can do it with the exposure level. Broadly speaking, the exhibition is the amount of light that the photographic sensor manages to capture of our Xiaomi, the larger it is, the more light will enter and vice versa.

Well, as many of you know, the more light your smartphone’s camera captures, the better the result will generally be. Like everything, this has a certain limit, since if we go too far we will obtain certain areas that are too white with virtually no details known as “burnt areas”.

To do this, the camera application has a light or exposure meter that shows us in real time those burned areas. In this way we can more easily adjust the exposure level in order to obtain the greatest amount of light without going overboard. To do this, we just have to perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the camera application, followed by the mode “Pro
  2. Once inside, from the menu of this we will activate the option “Exposure Verification

Once the exposure verification is activated, it will be shown on the screen by means of white and red stripes those areas with too much exposure that will be left without detail. As we reduce the exposure (S) we will see how it is reduced, although the objective is to find a medium and balanced level between the lights and shadows.

In short, thanks to this functionality we can Introduce ourselves little by little in the manual mode of the MIUI camera, allowing us in turn to know how the exposure works and how to adjust it in each particular case.