Although the MIUI camera may seem somewhat basic to us, the truth is that includes more options than we can see in its interface. We no longer only talk about those available through their settings, but various options that are hidden on your Xiaomi.

And it is that, beyond the best known parameters that a camera application could integrate, Xiaomi has integrated MIUI various photo modes and settings you probably didn’t know about. Parallel processing, MFNR or the possibility of disable beauty mode in portrait mode are some of the hidden settings in the camera of your Xiaomi.

That is why below we are going to explain how enable hidden settings that Xiaomi, by default does not show in the MIUI camera. A fairly simple process, which perhaps, if you are a photography lover, will be most useful for you.

How to activate the hidden settings of the MIUI camera on your Xiaomi

If you want to activate the hidden settings of the MIUI camera, the first step is download a file explorer that allows you to create files. In this case, Cx Explorer It is a free option that, in addition to working very well, is perfect for activating the hidden settings in our Xiaomi.

After downloading Cx Explorer, we will only have to perform the following steps in order to activate the hidden settings of the MIUI camera:

  1. Enter the file explorer and go to the path Main Storage> DCIM> Camera
  2. Once inside we will create a file called “lab_options_visible“As shown in the previous image.
  3. After that we will only have to access the camera of our Xiaomi, go to its settings and the so-called “Experimental characteristics“.

Among the experimental characteristics that we will find in the MIUI camera settings there is the possibility of activating and deactivating:

  • “Magic” internal tools
  • Face detection
  • Hide the automatic face detection frame
  • Turn off beauty mode in portrait mode
  • Disable dual camera
  • Disable MFNR
  • Disable SR
  • Turn off quick shot animations
  • Auto exposure settings
  • Auto exposure settings